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6 tips to stay motivated as an ESL teacher

Monday, 09 March 2020
6 tips to stay motivated as an ESL teacher 6 tips to stay motivated as an ESL teacher

What can we do to keep up our motivation as teachers?

Let's have a look at these tips.

6 tips to stay motivated as an ESL teacher

#1 Remember the reasons why you love teaching English.

Some days you may forget why you like it, but those days will pass and a lovely moment will remind you why you were born to teach.

#2 Focus on the good.

Focus on any positive moment you come across each day.

Positivity can come in all shapes and forms when you’re least expecting it: a smile from a student, a positive comment from a parent, a thought from one of your colleagues, even a motivational quote you may simply come across.

And throw positive reinforcement around like confetti. People like to hear good things about themselves. Students aren’t any different.

#3 Try something new.

Those teaching for a long time can easily get stuck doing the same old things. Don’t be afraid to try something new to spice up your teaching, whether it’s a new prop, a new teaching methodology or a new seating arrangement in your classroom.

#4 Exchange ideas with your colleagues.

Talk to other English teachers like you and share ideas about strategies that work for you in your classroom. We are surrounded by so many talented people in our profession and we don’t even know it.

#5 Remind yourself that you are important.

Your students need you (whether they admit it or not), and you get at least 180 days a year to make a difference.

#6 Take time off teaching

Studies have shown that by switching off and taking some time off you will feel recharged, ready to empower your students. Often ideas come to you when you are calm and not under pressure.

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