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Elementary - Past Simple

Monday, 01 June 2009
I worked in a restaurant in 1997 I worked in a restaurant in 1997 Food image created by Tirachard - Freepik.com

English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of the past simple with printable exercises.

The past simple expresses a past action that is finished and completed. The verbs are divided in two groups, regular and irregular verbs. Most of the verbs are regular, but the most used ones are often the irregular verbs. For a list of irregular verbs see Irregular verbs and for regular verbs go to Regular verbs. The form of the past simple for regular verbs is the same in all persons.




in a restaurant in 1997.
He/ She/ It

We/ You/ They


For negative forms we use 'didn't' + infinitive in all persons.

I didn't go to Holland last year.
He/ She/ It

We/ You/ They


For question forms we use did + infinitive in all persons.

When/ Where did I go?
He/ She/ It
We/ You/ They

Yes/ No questions








the film?

the party?

Short answers
Yes, I did./ Yes, we did.
No , they didn't.
No, he didn't.


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