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Elementary - Present Continuous Featured

Monday, 01 June 2009
Elementary - Present Continuous

English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of the present continuous with printable exercises.

1) Present Continuous describes an activity happening now.

  • A- Where is Lucy?
    B- She's playing in the parlour.
  • My mother is cooking a cake.

2) Present Continuous also describes an activity in the future.

  • I'm wearing my red dress this evening.
  • Paul's seeing his girlfriends tonight.

Positive and Negative

I am (not) going outside.


Where am I going?
is he/she/it
are we

Spelling of gerund (verb +ing)

Most verbs just add -ing.

go going cook cooking play playing be being


If the infinitive verb ends in -e drop the -e.

write writing take taking race racing


When the verb ends in a consonant double the consonants.

get getting run running put putting

When the verb ends in -ie we remove the -ie and add -ying.
tie tying lie lying die dying


Present Simple and Present Continuous

1) The present simple describes things that are always true, or true for long time.

  • I play the piano twice a week.
  • She works for an oil company.

2) The present continuous describes activities happening now, and planned for the future.

  • Don't disturb me! I'm watching a film.
  • Are you coming out with us tonight?
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