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Elementary - Other Prepositions

Monday, 08 June 2009
She ran down the hill. She ran down the hill. Tree image created by Jcomp - Freepik.com

English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of some examples of prepositions with printable exercises.

Preposition of Position

- The library is in front of the Queen Margaret Pub.

- May I sit next to you?

- I can't find the cat! I think he's sleeping under the bed.

- The book you are looking for is on the table.

- The Dead Sea is 420 metres below the sea level.

- The shop is near the Post Office.

- Your glasses are behind the sofa.

- The Midland Hotel is opposite the railway station.

- Their flat is above mine.

- There was a church between the two towers.


Prepositions of Movement

- I collect the children from school every day.

- He delivers the food to the restaurants.

- At seven we usually go to the cinema.

- She came out of the garage.

- We drove along the highway.

- They ran over the bridge.

- She walked up the hill.

- She ran down the hill.


Other Prepositions

- She's good at playing tennis.

- We're interested in technology.

- He was afraid of spiders.

- What's the weather like?

- What's on TV tonight?

- There's a film on Channel 2.

- What's the story about?

- There's a gift for you.

- She makes dinner for the guests.

- He works as a waiter.

- It's about ten.

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