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  • English is the key to opening the door to the world!

    English is the key to opening the door to the world!

    Travel abroad, understand and be understood without any problems, exploring all aspects of a culture different from yours.
    Pass English tests with ease and confidence.
    Have more chances of finding a more fulfilling job, earn more money and improve your career.
    Keep your brain active and improve your intelligence, memory and ability to concentrate.
    You can even be more sexy! People who speak two or more languages are more attractive.

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  • Do you want to find a teacher to help you reach your goals?

    Do you want to find a teacher to help you reach your goals?

    Learning a language is not just learning the vocabulary but also being able to recognize and reproduce the gestures, the looks and the tone of voice used in that particular language. This can be achieved only with the physical presence of a teacher.

    Only direct and personal interaction with a teacher of your choice, helps you to really learn English.

    And everybody has their own way of studying and managing their learning time. With weloveTeachingEnglish you will have the opportunity to contact your teacher before starting the course to assess their skills and teaching experience and see if they are the right teacher for you.
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  • Take advantage or our services

    Take advantage or our services

    We offer you all the tools to develop your plan of studies independently and individually, respecting your learning time. Subscribe and have access to:
    • Search portal to access the list of teachers in your area and look for an English language tutor;
    • Grammar lessons with exercises at 3 levels (elementary - intermediate - advanced) developed by experienced teachers to help you understand grammar, based on your level;
    • Graded reading texts (reading comprehension) in English, complete with exercises to test your reading and comprehension skills;
    • Study trips in the UK to attend full immersion English courses;
    • Newsletter to keep up-to-date with the latest online resources available (grammar lessons, graded readers, exercises, etc.).

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